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www.patientnotebook.com – Patient notebook survey is a platform using which the user or the patients of the patient notebook can get help regarding their healthcare. Using this patient notebook platform all the patients can check their healthcare reports consult the doctor and can also pay all their bills. But still all your reports and all your data remain secure and safe because they believe in keeping patients things private and secure. 

Using this Patient notebook platform the user can get their healthcare services at any time and at any place. And the best thing about using this Patient notebook is that the conversation between the doctor and the patients is not leaked and it is kept private or privacy concerns. And the patients can use this application at any time irrespective of whether it is day or night.


The main benefits of this survey are that the patients are not charged for any kind of fees. And they are not required to keep any paper or written bills with them as everything through this platform remains electronic. If you are the one who wants to be the part of the Patient notebook survey but don not know about how you can be the part of this survey then you need to read this article till the end and you will get answers for all your questions regarding survey. As in this article we will be mainly going to focus on the Patient notebook.

Details of the patient notebook survey:-

Official website www.patientnotebook.com
Survey name  Patient notebook
Age limit Minimum 18 years old to enter in the patent notebook
Language known English
Location United States, Puerto Rico, District of Colombia
Enter mode Online

Basic requirements to fulfil for the patient notebook:

If you want to be the part the of the patient notebook survey then you need to fulfil some basic requirements that have been listed below:-

  • To be the part of this patient notebook survey the user needs to understand the English well.
  • The user needs to be at least 18 years old to be the part of this patient notebook survey.
  • Those who want to be the art of the patient notebook survey they should be the legal resident of the  United States, Puerto Rico, District of Colombia.
  • The user or the participant should have a laptop, smartphone or a desktop with a good internet connection to be the part of this patient notebook survey.

How to take part in the patient notebook survey:-

If you are interested in the survey of the patent notebook and want to take the part in this survey then you need to follow some steps that have been mentioned below:-

  • For this you need to have a valid account at the patient notebook and the use are required to visit the official site of the patient notebook which is www.patientnotebook.com.
  • If you do not have any online account then you should make an online account for the patient notebook first.
  • For this you need to enter the patient notebook invitation code, user name and then you have to click on the option of “create my account”.
  • Then the code users have to then contact the health care of the patient notebook and they need to request for the invitation code.
  • Then a doctor will generate a code using which can be used for signing in the survey by the user.
  • And this code can also be used for any other services that are related to the survey of the patient notebook as if the patients have any other doctor for the previous profile.
  • Or if the user wants to sign up with the statement they can also do the same. For this the user will be required to enter the account number, email address, ID number and after this they need to click on the “continue” button.
  • And in case if the user forgets the username and the password of the patient notebook account then they can regenerate it by using the help of customer care services.

Why should one go with www.patientnotebook.com?

Well if you want to be the part of patient notebook survey then let me tell you that you can get various of benefits by just being the part of the patient notebook survey these benefits includes that the user will get the special services of healthcare as they can get the health care at any time and at any place. Other than this all your payed bills will be stored eletronicically and you will be not required to handle the written or paper bills.

The patient notebook is a secure and a private platform which secures the identity of the user and it also keeps their data private. And for this all the user need to do is keep the invitation code with them and enter this invitation code whenever they want to have a look on their reports. This surely makes this platform a secure place.

Most asked FAQ for the www.patientnotebook.com:-

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  • How to take the patient notebook survey?
  • How to know if this sweepstakes is real?
  • Is my personal information in this feedback is safe?
  • How much time does it take of the patient notebook feedback?
  • Is this Patient notebook a safe platform?

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The patient notebook survey can be taken using the different browsers like safari, chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, opera and what not. And still your reports and all your data remains secure and safe. But if the user ever feels any suspicious behaviour in their patient notebook account then they should immediately tell about this to the health care team and they will work immediately on it.

So, this was all about the patient notebook survey I hope you would have liked this article and hope you have found this article to be helpful and if you face any difficulty then you should directly contact the health care team and they will guide you in all your problems.

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